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Eyeless Jack on a Stroll by SangoAce Eyeless Jack on a Stroll :iconsangoace:SangoAce 0 0 iPad creation of me by SangoAce iPad creation of me :iconsangoace:SangoAce 0 0 Eyeless Jack out on a stroll by SangoAce Eyeless Jack out on a stroll :iconsangoace:SangoAce 3 0 Stephano! by SangoAce Stephano! :iconsangoace:SangoAce 2 0 POWER OUTAGE by SangoAce POWER OUTAGE :iconsangoace:SangoAce 0 0 Jack the Ghost! by SangoAce Jack the Ghost! :iconsangoace:SangoAce 1 0 Jeff the killer by SangoAce Jeff the killer :iconsangoace:SangoAce 2 2 Photoshopped Title by SangoAce Photoshopped Title :iconsangoace:SangoAce 0 0 Clay cry doll by SangoAce Clay cry doll :iconsangoace:SangoAce 1 0 OC Character by SangoAce OC Character :iconsangoace:SangoAce 0 0


Mature content
Naughty or Nice Izaya x Reader :iconfirelightphoenix:FireLightPhoenix 477 160
Infatuation [ Reader x Human!Gamzee ]
"Oh my goodness," you said with a gasp. "He's adorable!"
The sun had fallen to the horizon, colors of fiery red and crimson flooded through your bedroom window. It's hard to believe you had spent all your day admiring over a picture sent by a friend. It was a picture of them of course. He was a guy who calls himself Gamzee. Despite his odd name, you love to constantly chat with Gamzee over the program called PesterChum, still knowing there will be little to no chance of meeting him in the flesh. You both know that, but to become closer through separate computers he'd always send pictures of himself. 
You'd see him facing his computer screen, the light from his monitor illuminating his dark room behind him. His bedroom would always be the place he'd take his pictures. Each picture he takes his room appears messier and cluttered each time. Gamzee has tangled and matted ebony hair which curls every which way and gray colored clown's makeup against his facial features. It was ado
:iconcandied-v0dka:candied-v0dka 264 25
Massages and scented oils- Grape (Gamzee x Reader)
“Hey Gamzee, come in!” You greeted, moving out of the way so the lazily smiling troll could enter.
“Hey sis, what was all up and making you wanna invite this motherfucker over?” Grinning sheepishly at him as he looked at you, a semi questioning look in his half lidded eyes, you had to come clean.
You just couldn’t lie to that face.
“Well Gam, uhh…” How do you phrase this exactly?
“You’re starting to all up and sound like Tavbro, (Name) sis, what’s got your think pan all jumbled?” Seeing the faint concern starting to appear on his usually carefree face, you quickly assured him that nothing was wrong, grinning widely as you gathered your courage.
“So…I was wondering if you’d like…well, if I could give you a massage.” You finally asked, motioning for him to follow you to your living room, being careful to keep his attention so he didn’t get distracted by some of the fore
:iconsakura-days:sakura-days 266 26
AMaF: Mike question#2 by The-Star-Hunter AMaF: Mike question#2 :iconthe-star-hunter:The-Star-Hunter 171 45
manere. | sugawara koushi
Soulmate!AU where you become a writer and your series of novels become extremely popular, but what they don’t know is that you’re retelling your previous life through dreams where certain circumstances made it so you and your soulmate did not end up together but your soulmate promises to be with you in the next lifetime.
The twist here is it takes a while for the soulmate to remember you, and it takes you a while to remember who your soulmate is, too. But once you’ve remembered who your soulmate is, and once you’re together, the dreams will disappear.

The train gives a honk.
She stands there, perplexed, but then he juts his head out of the window and flashes her a smile. The smile that she will be dreaming about for years afterwards.
“I promise, [Name],” he shouts, despite the winds and the train’s chugging nearly drowning his voice. “I’ll be with you in the next life! So wait for me, and I’ll come looking for you-
:iconpatcherinko:patcherinko 89 19
Sketchbook Sailor Moon by Lighane Sketchbook Sailor Moon :iconlighane:Lighane 1,041 141
Mature content
A Winter's Evening - TYL!Yamamoto Takeshi x Reader :iconiladyd:iladyd 57 5
Not so Innocent Yamamoto
Yamamoto swung his bat and with a crack his ball was a home run. Cheers ran out as he ran through all four bases. The crowd chanted his name. His team ran over to him as he completed the round. He turned and he saw you cheering in the crowd. His face was beaming and he motioned for you to come over. You ran outta your seat into his embrace. Picking you up and twirling you around on the field before planting a kiss on your lips. Just then you woke up courtesy of your alarm.
You flailed around in bed when you realized it was a dream.
"STUPID CLOCK." You angrily glared at the device. It's red numbers seemed to mock you. Angrily you got of bed but your anger turned to shock when your foot touched the cold wood floor.
"Shoot...where's my slipper..."
You would spend time searching for your foote are but the smell of food was to much. With a quick screw this you dashed out to the kitchen and sat yourself down in one of the high chairs. If you weren't rushing you would have not
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 87 11
Dark Link X Reader: Just Another Shadow
    This day was just the same as the rest that had been in the past. Long, dark, and lonely. Why? Well, that’s the way it’s always been for you. At least, always been that way since you gave up the light.
    You were once a beautiful swordswoman, mastering the arts in your small town that you had stepped up to protect. It would have stayed that way if it wasn’t for the mob that had nearly hacked your arms off though. Trampling in from Hyrule field, troops of Ganondorf spilled in your town’s gates, breaking and raiding everything. You couldn’t defend the place any longer by yourself, and almost died trying to protect the place; that is, until someone came to help. It was the infamous hero Link that came, making the job look easy as pie and saving the town for you. He did his deed, and went on his way, leaving the town full of cheer. But sadly, none of that cheer was directed towards you in the slightest.
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 97 11
DeadBeat rxRobert
This was a request from a certain AnimeLover1098 and here it is~ ReaderxRobert (Dead Beat)
Warning: I'm typing these warnings before actually typing the story so I'll just say viewer discretion is advised, may contain blood,gore, semi-mature sexual situations, ….and zombies (cuz I like that stuff '3' )

It was another night alone in a infected infested building that was reinforced by a young male and a ___ year old female…
They were alone.
"You know, I always thought that when I went to New York city I'd be staying in a nice flat like this but… I don't think I imagined it like this…" the raven-haired male spoke looking out the window.
You two were on the 60th floor in the Hotel Suite up above.
The lights still worked,
The shower was still in question,
There was a kitchen stop downstairs that had enough food to last you two for a while.
"Mm… I didn't even think I would ever go somewhere like this…" you sat on a wooden weaved basket chair facin
:iconsupergal12000:supergal12000 23 21
DeadBeat rxRobert pt2
Continuation of part 2~!!! Yep so here it is ^-^
Warning: this chapter contains things not suitable for immature readers, that's about all I gotta say '3', if I have to I'll put a mature content warning but it shouldn't be THAT bad =w=;;

He dazedly continued to look out the window.
When the door to the bathroom opened up he pretended to not notice- instead he kept his gaze straight ahead to the night outside, a bored look on his face.
The faint smell of something feminine caught his attention- he didn't know what he'd do if he looked though.
Robert was really mature compared to you.
As you walked outside the light steam from the shower came out in a light puff going up into the super small golden vent at the top of the bathroom.
You wore a comfy nightgown you found. Owned by some lady who had good sense in fabric.
It was a simple dress, it pretty much looked like a long silk tanktop with soft braided straps. A small inlining of seams were right under the bust that kep
:iconsupergal12000:supergal12000 20 45
A relationship with a Hero Link x Reader OneShot
It was hard. Loving someones whose first love is "Adventure". You thought, maybe, after Hyrule was saved, he'd relax and settle down with you. But you were sadly mistaken. Every other week he leaves you to go see some new part of the land, or see how Zelda's doing. You don't mind, not really. I mean, he just spent 7 years trying to save her...okay maybe you're jealous. But what girlfriend wouldn't be? You sighed and fixed a few strands of hair. You set the dishes out to dry, and checked on your meal. Not done yet. Sitting at your dining set, you stared up at the wooden shield and small sword that hung above your fireplace. It was his from when he was younger. You wish you could have visited his old village with him. He said no one but kids lived there. You wondered how, and asked him frequently, but he always said "It was a story for another time".
It was getting dark out. Dinner had just finished. Another night alone, as you started to eat. There were two loud bangs at your door, scar
:iconkandy0513:Kandy0513 463 84
       It all started on a cool February night. Snow fell outside the window, the tiny flakes twirling downwards and coating the world in white. [Name] was curled up on the couch fast asleep, wrapped in two layers of blankets. A warm fire crackled in the fireplace, the flames giving the room a nice, cozy glow. All in all, it was looking to be a peaceful night.
       Then the front door slammed open and Jack trudged in.
       A light layer of white dusted the hood and shoulders of his black hoodie, the hems of his jeans and his shoes damp from trudging through the snow. Water trailed on the hardwood floor behind him as he walked inside, but he paid it no mind. Instead he went straight to the kitchen, opening the fridge. Pulling out a box of Frosted Flakes, he stood before the open fridge and just stared at it silently, the blue cardboard matching the blue of his mask.
       Finally, after what felt like e
:iconvalentinesdaygreen:ValentinesDayGreen 105 116
Dead Beat 1 reader x zombie
Reader x Zombie?! (wwyff)
Warning this fic contains slight language and sexual situations. If you are mentally too young for this or squeamish around blood I recommend you to read with caution or not at all ^-^
Alright guys this might just possibly be one of the weirdest stories I've ever written so far, (yesyes very weird) it's a reader-insert yes, BUUUT~ with zombies. Now I know what your thinking: "Ew wtn is wrong w/you woman zombies are gross!" *^*" OTL but I assure you that this particular story includes at least some form of handsomeness. Now I know others will argue that of course zombies can't be attractive but I always seem to find a certain animalistic charm in a few =w=~ this is in a L4D zombie type of world and I shall explain, time to learn about zombies~
The Horde:-Now in this zombie-esque world there are (of course) the simple regular zombies, they are called the horde, there's lots of them, they're easy to kill- boom boom bang =w=. They can run
:iconsupergal12000:supergal12000 272 70
Mature content
Eyeless Jack x Reader (LEMON!) :iconsayhitodespair:SayHiToDespair 166 118
Mature content
Piccolo x Fem!Chubby!Reader - Antenna Aphrodisiac :iconinuwritercor-976:InuwriterCor-976 97 71




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United States
I'm an artist, writer, musician, and gamer. My top application for art is sketchbookx, it's free and it works great. I also use photoshop, but no so much. Thanks


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